Spectacular lake and city views are available from the apartments. Spacious and minimal, each unit is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, with the exception of the walls nearest to the building’s core, where kitchens, bathrooms, and elevators are located. Few load-bearing supports obstruct the continuous flow of open space within the apartments.

With only 6–14 apartments per floor, the buildings maintain an intimate and spacious ambiance. Flooring and other decorative details vary from unit to unit, yet to achieve a neutral look from the exterior, the windows are tinted grey.

Unit sizes, in approximate square feet are as follows:
Studio — 500
Convertible — 645
One-Bedroom — 841–887
Two-Bedroom —1130–1179
Three-Bedroom — 1436
Combined units — many owners have combined up to three units to create larger apartments

Photo: Chicago History Museum: HB-18101-N, Hedrich Blessing (detail)


900/910 Apartment

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