Mies had a keen eye for sleek furniture design, developing much of the furniture for his early houses like those commissioned by Haus Werner and Haus Tugendhat.

He designed furniture for mass production while in a partnership with Lilly Reich. Among the first of these would be his cantilever chairs. Some versions of this popular tubular steel chair were more deep-seated and reclining. For Tugendhat, Mies designed an upright chair and an easy chair without armrests.

His most successful furniture was the Barcelona suite. It was originally created as seating for the King and Queen of Spain at the Barcelona Pavilion in 1928–29. It went on to become a mass-produced symbol of prestige.

His designs called for careful attention to materials and craftsmanship. Most have been successful enough to still be in production today.

Photos: Werner Blaser © 1964, Courtesy Whitney Museum of Art,
The Heritage Institute, Brno


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